What if John asks Sherlock to be his best man?
Well, he will, won’t he? He’s bound to.

He never, EVER, looks this pleased about anyone else. Never. This kind of proud/amazed joy is only on his face for Sherlock.

In terms of character, I don’t know how John doesn’t realise that no one else inspires this emotion in him.

In terms of acting, Martin cannot be BEAMING RADIANCE on him by accident, Mr I Can Do It With A Look.

In terms of direction, he’s being directed this way, to beam at Sherlock and then turn and look at Mary with dead flat eyes.

I mean really. This shit is not accidental.

What Sherlock does with his hands in the second to last gif does things to my hormones

Oh yeah… it’s such a good prompt for a porny fic.

Touching his hips like that

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